Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Few Things About Alaska

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First, the accurate facts as known. Because here at DCW, we prize accuracy.

Newsweek is reporting that Spunky spent far more than reported on clothes. She was told to buy 3 suits. She blew WAAAAAY past there, and even shocked the donor who had offered to pay. John McCain was not privy to the information, because everyone felt it would have offended him. It will all come out in the audit. Here's the quote:

"Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast."
Next, something I cannot source. Therefore, I cannot vouch for the completeness of the accuracy to the level we strive for here at DCW. However, it passes the smell test.

While at the phone bank, we had a volunteer from Alaska. He was here in Pennsylvania because his mom lives here, and she was one of our volunteers. He and I had a conversation one night wherein he was explaining to me why, before he came down to work, he absentee voted for Obama, Young, and Stevens. Further, why he didn't care about the potential conviction. (When I spoke to him, the verdict had not yet been announced.)

He explained that Alaska is not like the rest of the country. The state does not get the same amount of shared funds that other states do, and that things are really expensive, due to the distance involved.

He further pointed out that the only way Alaska gets funding for the infrastructure projects they need is via earmarks, and Ted always brought them dollars. Then, the state would reallocate to the areas of greatest need. The monies would go for things like hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, and other legitimate uses. While there was some graft, without the earmarks, the state could not be self-supporting, as the tax base couldn't expand much more. Therefore, Ted is generally beloved.

A lot of the people he knows believe that electing Begich would not put him anywhere near the power position Stevens holds. Similar feelings and information about Young's position.

Further, he said that the graft related to Stevens had been a poorly-kept secret for decades. Ditto for Bill Allen of VECO fame. Here's the kicker: he claims that the reason that Ted was brought down NOW instead of a few years ago, or instead of never, is because it was one of the Palins' pet projects. I'm sourcing this, and will report with more certainty when I can prove the allegations.

Just thought you'd like to know what I'm working on in my spare time.