Tuesday, November 04, 2008


WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at http://www.DemocraticConventionWatch.com

GREAT IMAGE ONE: Yesterday, and my cell phone rang. It was an 82 year old woman. She was doing a GREAT job of the Obama GOTV script.

As she was talking, I walked to the room where she was sitting, and I said "Mrs F, that's ME you're calling." We laughed, and she said:

You've been here longer than me, but I voted absentee in NY. You ARE going to find time to vote tomorrow, right?
My campaign kid's grandmother in action, who through some fluke, got the list for my precinct.

GREAT IMAGE TWO: A woman called that she had a door hangar with the wrong polling address on it. Since I'd been at the phone bank non-stop for 8 hours, and she was about a mile away, I decided to drive over and pick it up. (She knew her correct polling place). While I was there, I asked if she'd like to phone bank and she said no.

About an hour later, she was at the phone bank. She said whatever she needed to do could wait. Reclaiming our country was more important.

AND NOW...off to pick up some coffee, ground some signs, and be awaiting voters when they start lining up at the polls. The next time I come up for air, we'll have a new president.

I can't talk for anything besides my little piece of the world, but if there are people like the people at our local phone bank (72 separate people yesterday) and our local canvass, just as dedicated (Mrs. F, for example, called 9 straight hours), just as committed, and if everyone else's response stats are like ours, this day is going to go well.

Remember to vote.