Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Joe Biden

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You know, we haven't said anything about our new Vice President-elect, the Honorable Senator Joe Biden, Democrat from Delaware.

After seemingly a lifetime in the Senate, having done an amazing job in pushing through legislation to help battered women, having been involved in innumerable foreign policy issues as Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, and having served as head of the Judiciary Committee, he is now merely weeks away from taking the oath of office as Veep. Plus, he won his Senate race with almost 65% of the vote. Face it, Joe Six-pack, Joe-the-plumber, and now the best "Joe-the..." we could have had.

For the past 36 years, Vice President-elect Biden has commuted on AMTRAK from Delaware to DC every day. A long, long commute. Now, he'll be living on Mass Ave, and commuting not far away to the White House complex. (I make the assumption that unlike SOME veeps, he won't be working from an unnamed bunker, or maybe dungeon, I was never quite sure.) The nearest Metro is on Connecticut. It's a bit of a walk, but doable.

I'm betting VP-e Biden will have a government car, with another few filled with Secret Service, ahead and behind. I'm guessing though, that on nice spring days, especially during Cherry Blossom season, he'd rather be taking the train.

I saw Mrs. Biden last night, on stage in Grant Park. Seemingly overwhelmed by the crowd, the lights, the roar. She must be so proud of her boy. And while I'm not sure there's a heaven, if there is one, his dad is smiling down.

Way to go, Joe. Your dedication, smarts, and honor have earned you this position.

And by the way, who do you think will take his seat?