Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never Stop Having Fun With Numbers

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This is the FEC form for the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund. It shows more than $9 million put away by the campaign to pay for the audit. By law, because the campaign took 84 million Federal dollars (read: our tax dollars) to fund itself, the FEC is required to undertake an audit.

It could take years. McCain will have to defend himself over it. And yes, "the wardrobe" will come under scrutiny.

Add this to the problems McCain had earlier in applying for Federal funds during the primary, and then not actually receiving them, but in the interim using the promise of the funds to secure a loan, AND get on the Ohio primary ballot. But like I said, the process could take years.

And no, the Obama-Biden campaign will likely not be subject to an audit, as it took no Federal funds. It could happen, but it's highly unlikely.