Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday With The Senators: Post-Election Edition

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A few weeks ago, I said that the first post-election Sunday with the Senators column would be framing the 2010 races.

Little did I know that we'd still be counting in Alaska, having a formal recount in Minnesota, and holding a run-off in Georgia.

The most recent tallies out of Alaska indicate that there are more than 81,000 outstanding ballots (about a third more than have already been counted), and that all the ballots may not arrive until 19 November. So, we've got a ways to go. What interests me here is whether or not Ted will be booted out of the Senate before the results are made official. The Senate reconvenes on the 17th. McConnell has said that he doesn't believe that Ted-the-Felon is actually a criminal until all the appeals are exhausted. But, let's pretend that his contention is insane idiotic a little odd. If he was booted out of the Senate now, and won the election, would they have to boot him out again, or would they just say they wouldn't let him take the oath in January, since he's a felon?

In Minnesota, the latest number show the race so close that it goes to recount, which will begin later this month. AP is reporting that 32 absentee ballots Coleman wanted ditched will remain in the count.

Finally, we come to Georgia. McCain is going to Georgia soon to campaign for Chambliss. Since he won Georgia, this might help. Then again, people may realize they made a mistake. Point is, this is still an election, and Martin needs the money to run. If you're used to making those donations to the Obama-Biden campaign, and you haven't depleted all your funds, please consider donating either through ActBlue or directly through the campaign.

Saxby Chambliss ran a shameless campaign 6 years ago, he's a far right reactionary neo-con. If you can give money, please do. If you can go down and work the campaign, please do. Chambliss is EXACTLY the kind of person who will be obstructionist in the work we need to do to move the country forward.