Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ted Stevens and the GOP

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Pretend that you are a Republican Senator. Shake it off.

Pretend that you are a Republican Senator, and you have to decide what to do about Ted Stevens, understanding that you will be back in session before all the ballots are counted in Alaska, and you honestly don't know if Ted will be re-elected.

If you were Jim DeMint, you would inform your colleagues that you intended to ask for a vote to oust Ted-the-felon from the Caucus. He believes that Ted deserves no committee position, and should not be allowed to be a part of the GOP organization in the Senate. If you did this, it would be in full cognizance that the Senate Ethics Committee has said NOTHING since the conviction, and has not indicated when they will act. You'd consider this house-cleaning to be a good thing to do.

DeMint has a different view then Mitch McConnell, who said:

"If he is re-elected and the felony charge stands through the appeals process, there is zero chance that a senator with a felony conviction would not be expelled from the Senate."
Note: appeals can go on FOR YEARS.

DeMint has one other problem while waiting to see how the election and the appeals process go: to put forth his motion, he needs a second, and I don't think he has one.