Thursday, October 09, 2008

Framing the House: Colorado Second

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Mark Udall is the current Congressman from the Colorado Second, and is well on his way to being the junior Senator from Colorado. (Vote for the Udall closest to you.)

The district, which encompasses Boulder, is considered Safe Democratic and therefore hasn't really gotten any press. The Democrat, Jared Polis, won the primary against two opponents with 42% of the vote. He has a ton of endorsements.

So why bring it up? Because when he wins, Polis will be the first openly gay man to win a Congressional seat NOT as an incumbent. According to USA Today (October 8, 2008, page 5A) while other gays have come out after getting elected, Polis is the first who isn't running in the closet.

As someone who personally abhors bigotry and hatred in any form, the fact that Polis will win on his merits is uplifting. I am glad that I have lived to see the day where someone can be elected as the best person for the job who just happens to be gay. I'm hopeful that in a few short weeks, someone else will be elected because he is the best candidate to be elected to the Presidency of the United States, who just happens to be black.