Friday, October 17, 2008

Personal Disappointment

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Yesterday, I posted a poll asking what level of involvement y'all would have in the GOTV run-up to election day, and on the day itself. While I am happy at the level of voting, I am mortified appalled heartbroken that 28% of you say that you will vote, and that's all.

Writing on a blog means that readers know your words, but not YOU. With the exception of a few of my friends and family who know about this blog because they knew me before I started blogging here, none of you could pick me out of a crowd. Therefore, you know neither the passion I bring to campaigning, nor how genuine I am.

But I'm out there every day, I talk to volunteers, potential volunteers, voters and potential voters. I talk to Republicans. And I am NOT new at this.

The Republicans this year are different. I know Republicans: they live in my neighborhood, they are friends, I know many of them for years, and this year they are scared and they are energized. A lot of them honestly believe that the combination of President Obama, Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi and dual chamber majorities will be the end of America. Their GOTV program will dwarf the Rovian efforts of the last two cycles.

We can still lose this thing.

I know, I know. "The polls," you say. "The youth vote." "Landslide."

We ONLY win if our voters get to the polls.


I know, you hate making phone calls, you hate canvassing, you are busy. Work anyway.

Walk around your neighborhood, make sure your neighbors are good to go.

Put on an Obama-Biden button and take a walk in the park - people will come up to you, and you can talk to them. Wear your button to the mall, to the gym: people are everywhere, and they want to talk.

You don't have to be like me. Even in off years, my first question to each and every wait person is "are you registered to vote?" Because voting matters, even in the off years. And yes, this year, I follow up with "Are you voting? Will your vote make me a happy woman?"

2 hours of your entire life the weekend before the election. 2 hours.

You know what another 4 years of McBush means. You can only imagine what a Palin administration would be if John's cancer returns.

2 hours to help me save the world. I'm not that big, I can't do this alone. I need your help.