Saturday, June 14, 2008

Convention up to $15 million short

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Fundraising problems continue to be the main story line right now for the convention, which is just over 10 weeks away:

The host committee for the Democratic National Convention faces a possible shortfall of $15 million, complicating logistics for the August event and forcing it to abruptly postpone a media walkthrough of the site scheduled for next week.

The Democratic National Committee has asked the cash-strapped panel to raise $40.6 million by Monday to finance the event. Last month, the committee said it had just $25 million in cash, and it has failed to meet each of several fundraising deadlines since signing a contract with the DNC last year.
Last week, Denver city auditor Dennis Gallagher sent a letter to Mayor John Hickenlooper saying taxpayers are concerned they may get stuck with the tab if Denver can't come up with another $15 million by Monday. - AP
With the postponement of the media walkthrough and the cancellation of the state delegate parties, it's clear money issues are the biggest concern right now for the convention planners.