Thursday, June 26, 2008

Media representatives not happy with protester proximity

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National media representatives are upset that an area designated for protesters during the Democratic National Convention is right next to press tents on the Pepsi Center's grounds.

They fear too much noise and commotion and the threat of tear gas if demonstrations get out of hand.

"Imagine trying to do your job with hundreds of people screaming, blowing whistles, beating drums and trying to get the attention of the media," said Associated Press reporter Andrew Taylor, chairman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, which represents congressional reporters on Capitol Hill.

"This is basically insulting," he said.

City and federal authorities are under a court order that mandates protesters be within "sight and sound" of delegates. On Monday, they announced plans to place the 50,000-square-foot public demonstration zone in Pepsi Center Parking Lot A.- Denver Post

This picture was taken from where the protest area will be in the Pepsi Center parking lot.

As you can see this will definitely be within "sight and sound" of the delegates.

Here's an aerial view from the Pepsi Center which gives you a better idea on how close the protesters will be to the arena.

From Google Maps it looks like it's around 500 feet from the protest are to the front door of the Pepsi Center

To get a more detailed view click here