Monday, June 16, 2008

Senate Update: Colorado

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Debates between Mark Udall and Bob “I miss Jack” Schaffer are close to planned: hopefully there will be at least eight over the summer, scheduled around Udall’s Congressional work.

According to the NY Times, Schaffer’s ties to Jack Abramoff are but a parasailing memory away. To wit:
"In Colorado, former House member Bob Schaffer, the Republican candidate for Senate, has been under scrutiny for his 1999 Congressional trip to the Marianna Islands, a favored client of Mr. Abramoff. It was also a favored cause of former Republican leader Tom DeLay, whose connections to Mr. Abramoff were the original key to his rise. An ad by an independent group showed Mr. Schaffer preparing to go parasailing while traveling on the dime of an interest group tied to Mr. Abramoff. Mr. Schaffer has said he did not even know Mr. Abramoff." (Emphasis added)
The League of Conservation Voters is up with a negative Bob Schaffer ad pointing out his Big Oil tax breaks when a Congressman, and then how he went on to join Big Oil as a suit, and finally is being funded by them this year.

Sometimes the fights are hard, and sometimes, they’re just plain right. Remember “Vote for the Udall Closest to You.”