Thursday, June 05, 2008

State Fair train to be used at the convention

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For anyone who was hoping to take the train from Denver to Pueblo for the Colorado State Fair you'll need to make other plans.

Organizers hope the train - which made its inaugural trek last year delivering 320 passengers to and from Denver's Union Station to Pueblo's Union Depot for the Colorado State Fair - will only be derailed a year due to this year's Democratic and Republican national conventions.

The Democratic Convention is scheduled Aug. 25-28 in Denver and the Republican Convention is scheduled Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis.

This 136th annual Colorado State Fair lands in the middle of the action, scheduled Aug. 22-Sept. 1.

Problem? The vintage cars hitched to last year's Colorado State Fair Express will be used for various activities during both conventions. - Pueblo Chieftan

And the Democrats aren't the only ones to blame. The trains are going up to St. Paul for the Republican Convention immediately after the Democratic Convention.