Friday, June 06, 2008

Superdelegate endorsements for Friday 6/6

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All right, folks, this is truly the last day we'll be listing superdelegate endorsements. And no, we won't be moving Clinton over to Obama's column. But lets see who decided to jump on the Obama bandwagon during mop-up time:

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)
Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC)
Sen. Jack Reed (RI)
Gov. Steve Beshear (KY)
Gov. Joe Manchin (WV)
DNC Nick Casey (WV)
Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Garry Shay (CA) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Yolanda Caraway (DC) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Jason Altmire (PA)

Current superdelegate count: Obama 478, Clinton 246.5
Total delegate count: Obama 2243.5, Clinton 1886


ahoff48 said...

I saw these earlier today:

Governor Stephen Beshear of Kentucky, Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Chair Nick Casey of West Virginia;Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed;
and Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio (switched).

ahoff48 said...


Anonymous said...

It is great to learn these endorsements today. I bet there will be still more coming, and I hope that people will post them on the blog even if they are not on the main page. But I don't see why demconwatch doesn't want to keep telling us the superdelegate news. I really appreciated it and still find it interesting. Thanks!

Mark said...

Because of your excellent work, I want to encourage you to keep tracking the SD endorsements and any delegate movement all the way to the convention. After having done such fine work, it would be a shame to stop now that we are so close to the end-game.

I have an intensive statistical workup of all 57 primary races and also a running delegate count, statistically calculated to the hundredth of a percent, for PDs, SDs and the grand total.

Feel free to stop by, also to put me on your blogroll.

ac62 said...

I wish you would keep posting at least the daily superdelegate totals. Also Jack Reed (RI) is on your list twice. Thanks for all your great work!

frstan said...

Jennifer Granholm, five other Michigan superdelegates switch support to Barack Obama
by Kathy Barks Hoffman | The Associated Press
Saturday June 07, 2008, 2:03 PM

AP File Photo
Giving her support: Governor Jennifer Granholm appears with Sen. Debbie Stabenow, left, at a Hillary Clinton rally in Southfield in Januray.
LANSING -- Six Michigan superdelegates who had backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton have switched their support to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, Democratic National Committee member Joel Ferguson and U.S. Reps. John Dingell of Dearborn and Dale Kildee of Flint say Saturday that they now endorse Obama. U.S. Sander Levin of Royal Oak says it's time to campaign for Obama in Michigan.

They say it's time to unite behind the party's nominee and begin campaigning for him in Michigan.

Jaya said...

As you try to say "no more" to all your wonderful work - I would like to add a few observations:

1.) Uncommitted members of the RBC - in particular Ralph Dawson from New York who made the original motion to strip FL and MI of their delegates (and was Howard Dean's roommate in college) might legitimately be added to your "The Executives" grouping.

2.) There are state conventions coming up throughout June - and it might be normal for some DNC members (and of course the add-ons) to wait until after the state conventions to endorse.

3.) Looks like Gov. Lynch has a domestic issue - his wife was a very early and active supporter of HRC. He'll probably crawl aboard after today's HRC concession speech.

4.) And I think Gore's silence is very understandable. All this week HRC and her supporters are trying to decide "what does Hillary want." And the media is covering it
over and over. All Gore asked after winning both the primary and the popular vote in the general election was to have his endorsement of someone (Dean) to count for something and it didn't. It was dissed.

5.) Mitchell and Strauss are a bit of a puzzlement. Both are considered reasonable and astute political players. There is yet a story here to be heard.

6.) In trying to wind back one side of a closely divided campaign sometime it is important to have some "party elders" truly neutral. It is not so much necessary when it is just between two candidates and their supporters, but this time it seems to me that there may well be a true passing of the baton of control of the party structure which is more fraught with perils.

7.) There were Tuesday midnight joiner-oners/fence-straddlers who did not represent the popular views of their state - even after their state conventions - that were far less understandable politically than some still left in the uncommitted status. I wouldn't entrust the closing/or not closing of my branch library to some of these fence-straddlers - "All politics is local"(Tip)

Thank you again and again for the precision and good humor throughout this spring. May we find our government as well and thoughtfully managed.

psquareSD said...

Count me among those who would at least like to see who continues to endorse - you have done such a great job that just listing the additional names would be so appreciated. Plus I can't seem to find the info anywhere else!

I also noticed in your totals that you have 1/2 more delegate for Obama than your individuals would account for, I think this stems from the Jimmy Hoffa#(MI) which should, of course, be "*" for a half vote instead of a full vote.

Matt said...

I wasn't Hoffa, but Obama's numbers were too high by 0.5. It's now been fixed. Thanks for catching it.

Rose Szymanski said...

After what Hillary Clinton did today do the superdelegates have much choice in who to endorse? I wonder why they bother to even have a convention. Nothing like beong pooped on and then having it rubbed in. She is a better woman than I could be.

frstan said...

by Kathy Barks Hoffman | The Associated Press
Sunday June 08, 2008, 1:06 AM

AP File Photo
Now there are seven: Senator Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, completed the switch of Hillary Clinton superdelegates from Michigan.
LANSING -- All of the seven Michigan superdelegates who had backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday they've switched their support to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, Democratic National Committee member Joel Ferguson, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and U.S. Reps. John Dingell of Dearborn, Dale Kildee of Flint and Sander Levin of Royal Oak said it's time to unite behind the party's nominee and begin campaigning for him in Michigan.


frstan said...

Rose: this is what a primary is -- someone wins, someone looses. The loser supports the winner in the General Election. Without that you dont have a Party.