Friday, June 20, 2008

Host Committee Volunteer Coordinator Resigns

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The shortage of money plaguing local efforts to finance the Democratic National Convention played a role in the resignation of the top official in charge of volunteers — and concerns are growing that Barack Obama won't be able to help.

Sondra Williams, the director for the 12,000 volunteers who will be assisting Democratic leaders and delegates and others during the convention, resigned after 13 months with the host committee.

She left at the end of a training day for volunteer captains and directors held June 7.

"I was not empowered to do my job," said Williams, on loan to the host committee from the National Education Association. "And therefore I felt I just couldn't continue."

She wouldn't elaborate, saying she does not want to malign the host committee, but she said the group was tense over its cash-flow problems. The committee, charged with raising $40.6 million for the convention, missed its final deadline Monday by more than $11 million.

"We all had our disappointments around it, and there was a lot of stress on the fundraising people," Williams said. - Denver Post