Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Donna Edwards wins MD-4 Special Election

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For three months, we wrote about the the Special Election in MD-4, starting with the announcement of Al Wynn's resignation, approval of legislation approving a June Special Election, and finally Al Wynn's official resignation on May 31, which set the non FL/MI number of delegates to 4,049, and the number of delegates for a majority at 2,025, despite many media organization's incorrect claim that the number was 2,026.

Well, all this was just in anticipation of Donna Edward's sure victory in today's Special Election, and she has indeed won:

With about 25 percent of precincts reporting tonight, Edwards had 93 percent of the vote, or 2,853 votes. Voter turnout appeared to be low. - Baltimore Sun
With Edward's victory, the delegate count for the convention is set:

There are now 824.5 superdelegate votes, and 3409.5 pledged delegate votes for a total of 4,234 delegates, and it takes 2117.5 votes to win the nomination.

And while we're on the subject of superdelegate closure, there were a bunch of add-ons selected this past weekend. They are (original endorsements shown where known):
  • Michigan: James Hoffa (O) and Richard Long
  • Idaho: Richard Stallings
  • Wisconsin: Linda Honold (C) and Walter Kunicki (O)
  • Virginia: Renee Grisham (C) and Ward Armstrong (O)
  • West Virginia: Peter Cuffaro
  • Washington: Sharon Smith and Victor Collaryo
(Iowa postponed its state convention until June 28th because of the flooding).