Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Host Committee Cancels State Delegation Parties

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We told you where the parties were going to be for each state delegation back in April.

Now, according to the Denver Post, the state parties have been canceled.

After months of planning for two-dozen parties to fete the 56 delegations to the Democratic National Convention, the city's host committee is considering scrapping those parties in favor of one, single bash.

Facing a shortfall in the amount of private money the host committee needs to do such things as throw these parties, planners are notifying the different venues that they won't be needing the spaces on Aug. 24, the Sunday before the convention opens.

"It has the potential to save money," host committee spokesman Chris Lopez said today.

With alternates and guests, the delegations will total about 6,000.

Lopez says the new plan isn't set in stone, but officials are considering a single event at the Colorado Convention

According to the article, the Host Committee will start taking donations on its website
Early next week, the host committee will offer on its website, the ability to make small donations online.

"People could donate $5 or $10 or $25," Lopez said.

The idea to that people who hope to promote Denver will donate, as well as those who wish to promote the Democratic nominee.

CBS4 Denver has confirmed that several locations have confirmed that their parties have been canceled. They are adding to their list as they find more.
Denver Zoo - was scheduled to host a party for the Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota delegates.

Colorado History Museum - was scheduled to host a party for the Arkansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin delegates.

Exdo Event Center - was scheduled to host the California delegates; however there is a contract in place and negotiations are underway.

Hudson's Gardens - was to host New Jersey delegates.

Museo de las Americas - was to host District of Columbia delegates.

Museum of Nature & Science - was to host Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah delegates.
And I can't post this without making a plea to our delegate friends to get us into the party (if there is one)!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that article only says they are *considering* cancelling the parties...

Oreo said...

They're considering holding a single big party. The cancellations have already started