Monday, June 30, 2008

Senate Races - Base Data

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Below is a list of those races currently on the watch list, or likely to change party this cycle. The name of the state is blue/red based on who currently holds the seat, the competitors are also in the respective blue/red. If the person is an incumbent, his/her name is bolded.

Alaska: Mark Begich, Ted Stevens

Colorado: Mark Udall, Bob Schaffer

Georgia: Saxby Chambliss, 5 competitors

Kentucky: Bruce Lunsford, Mitch McConnell

Louisiana: Mary Landrieu, John Kennedy

Maine: Tom Allen, Susan Collins

Minnesota: Al Franken, Norm Coleman

Mississippi: Erik Fleming, Thad Cochran

Mississippi: Ronnie Musgrove, Roger Wicker

North Carolina: Kay Hagan, Elizabeth Dole

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen, John Sununu

New Jersey: Frank Lautenberg, Dick Zimmer

New Mexico: Tom Udall, Steve Pearce

Oregon: Jeff Merkley, Gordon Smith

Virginia: Mark Warner, Jim Gilmore