Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Superdelegate endorsements for Tuesday 6/3 - Part III

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Previous endorsements from today can be found here and here.

New Obama endorsements:
MD Rep. John Sarbarnes
MT Margaret Campbell
AZ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords


Arizona Democratic Party Chair Don Bivens said:

“Now that our historic season of caucuses and primaries is behind us, it is time for each superdelegate to choose between two outstanding candidates. For me, that choice is Senator Barack Obama. He is an extraordinary leader, with the ability to bring people together across party lines to solve problems. That is exactly what our country needs right now, a pragmatic change of direction.

“I congratulate Senator Clinton on her hard-fought campaign. She is a true leader and an inspiration to millions. I am confident she will act to unite our party, and our country, behind our party's chosen candidate for President.”
DNC Member Christine Pelosi said:
“Barack Obama has captured the majority of the popular delegates from caucuses and primaries from sea to shining sea. Barack Obama has the vision, ideas and values needed to bring positive change to our lives, from economic justice to energy independence to an end to the Iraq war and care for our veterans. As an activist dedicated to participatory democracy, I am thrilled that tens of millions of voters and tens of thousands of volunteers have participated in this Democratic nomination and breathed new life intro our democracy. I have great respect for our other presidential candidates, particularly Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has proved herself to be a champion for working families.”
DNC Member Rachel Binah (Switch from Clinton to Obama) said:
“The people have spoken and I look forward to working with all my energy and enthusiasm for a man who I believe will make an extraodrinarily wonderful president. His environmental record is unparallelled and he has a sensitivity to the issues of our time.”
DNC Member John Perez:
“Now that the primary season has come to a close, I officially endorse Senator Barack Obama for President. I believe that now is the time for us to come together and unite for victory against John McCain in the fall. Senator Obama has run an extraordinary, forward-looking campaign focused on hope, unity and our shared values as Democrats. I am confident that he will bring our party and all Americans together as our nominee and as President."
Congressman Sam Farr said:
“Tonight, after the polls close, the presidential primary for the Democratic candidates will have run its course. Although Hillary Clinton has won many of the big blue states and energized her voters, Barack Obama has won the nomination. After the final ballot has been cast tonight, I will officially endorse Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for the presidency.

“Barack is an exciting new leader in American politics. He will work to end the war in Iraq, he will tackle domestic issues that have been neglected for years and he will help repair our battered reputation abroad. I look forward to working with him to bridge the current political divide and address the problems that face our country.”
Congressman Bob Filner said:
“I take great pride in announcing my support for Senator Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. As Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, I look forward to fighting alongside Senator Obama to correct eight years of neglect of our nation's heroes--working for real gains for America's veterans!”
Congressman Jerry McNerney said:
“Senator Obama represents hope for the future. He has inspired legions of young people who will energize our nation and help bring about the kind of change necessary to turn the incredible threats we face into opportunities.

“Given my background in wind energy, I am excited that Senator Obama has an appreciation for how to create clean, sustainable, family wage jobs in renewable energy. He also knows how important it is to use America's greatest asset, innovation, to put America ahead of the rising energy costs with new energy technology including both efficiency and new sources of energy.”
Governor Bill Ritter said:
“I'm proud to pledge my support to Sen. Barack Obama to become the next President of the United States of America,” Gov. Ritter said. “Sen. Obama offers a strong sense of hope and promise for our country's future. His success at inspiring people from all walks of life, his commitment to the need for education and health-care reform, and his sense of independence and purpose make him appealing to Coloradans and other Westerners. He understands the promise of a New Energy Economy, of opportunity for all, of building a strong economy for our children. He is the best person to help Americans and Coloradans achieve their God-given potential, and I am proud to endorse him.”
DNC Member Michell Ceasar said:
“Senator Obama is the clear delegate leader and I believe it is now time to focus on the general election and to prevent John McCain from providing a third Bush term.”
Congressman Ron Klein said:
“I will be casting my ballot at the Democratic National Convention for Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama is the kind of leader that comes along only once in a generation. He has the unique ability to move our country forward, past the petty partisan politics that so many of us have grown so weary of, and his vision is a breath of fresh air. I believe he will serve our nation ably and well, and am proud to support his candidacy. With my vote at the convention comes a commitment to reach out to voters in South Florida throughout the general election season.

“The primary is now behind us, but we still have a critical task ahead. All of us, supporters of Senator Obama and Senator Clinton alike, must come together and stand united as a force for change in this nation. Americans will have a stark choice this November: a choice between a continuation of the failed policies of the current administration, or a fresh start. We must stand together, with one voice, and call for a fresh start on Iraq, on health care, on education, and on developing clean, affordable renewable energy. These issues are too important to focus on what divides us. We must now focus on what unites us as Democrats, and on the general election this fall.”
Georgia State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond (switches from Clinton to Obama) said:
“This campaign has been one of the closest most hard fought contests in the history of our nation. Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have demonstrated their commitment to the changes that are badly needed in this country and their ability to lead America forward. Now that the primary and caucus season has concluded, the time has come for us to unify the party and throw our complete support behind Senator Barack Obama in order to win the November election. I am impressed by his vision, intellect, and his unique ability to attract new voters to the Democratic column.”
President of the National Federation of Democratic Women Helen Knetzer said:
“The American people have endured enough in the past seven and a half years from this Republican Administration and the United States is in desperate need of a leader who realizes our economic and international challenges. This has been a long and hard-fought primary and both Senators Clinton and Obama have shown the ability to lead us in this country, but today we must put our differences aside in a united effort to ensure that we win in November. I’m pleased to endorse Barack Obama.”
DNC Member Patsy Arceneaux (switch from Clinton) said:
“I believe that it is time to put aside divisive politics and to unite as Democrats looking forward to a victory in November and the hope of real change in America.”
DNC Member Sam Spencer said:
“My decision, in part, is based on the fact that Senator Obama has won a majority of pledged delegates (which I believe is the most important measurement) and has attained a majority of all delegates. Senator Obama was the majority winner of Maine’s caucuses. Senator Obama is the Democratic winner of the nomination. Senator Obama is an extraordinary candidate and has inspired Democrats in Maine and across the country to show their support in record numbers. Now we must work to sustain this momentum into the national election to take back the White House.”
Congressman John Sarbanes said:
“I am excited to join in expressing my strong support for Barack Obama, who I believe will be an outstanding president. Now that the votes have been cast and the primary season has come to its close, I am pleased to play a part in ratifying the decision of the voters in my district and across the country. Moving forward, the importance of unifying the party behind one candidate is vital and Democrats in the Third District, the State of Maryland, and the nation are quickly turning their focus to electing Senator Obama as our next President.”
Congressman Bart Stupak said:
“I am confident that Senator Obama will provide the leadership necessary to improve our economy, protect our Great Lakes, provide health care for all Americans, and put an end to the war in Iraq. I have invited the Senator to campaign with me in northern Michigan and share his vision for change with the people of the First Congressional District.

“One issue has been resoundingly clear throughout this primary process: Americans do not want four more years of the same failed policies that have driven our country deeper into debt and tarnished our reputation in the world. Senator Obama will provide the change we need to get our country back on track to prosperity and prominence.”
Missouri Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Yolanda Wheat said:
“This primary season has been truly historic. The Democratic Party has produced two extraordinary candidates, either of whom would make a great president. I strongly believe that now is the time for us as Democrats to unite behind our nominee, Senator Barack Obama. In November we have a chance to make this a better country for our children and our children's children. My respect and admiration for both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama has grown throughout this election process. I am endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President today because I believe that his leadership will bring about the profound change that this great country so rightly deserves. I hope all Democrats, regardless of whom they have supported until this time, will unite behind Senator Obama's vision of hope and opportunity for all Americans.”
Nevada Democratic Party Chair Sam Lieberman said:
“I am proud to endorse Senator Barack Obama for president of the United States. Sen. Obama knows the challenges we face in the West and will work to stop the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, create a better water plan and spur the development of renewable energy throughout the West. Together, we will engage multiple generations of Democrats to reform our health care system, end the war in Iraq and put our country’s economy back on track, especially for working families and seniors who need relief. Senator Obama recognizes that our diversity is our strength, and that is key in a rapidly changing state such as Nevada. Sen. Obama will be the catalyst who helps Democrats Win in the West and throughout Nevada.”
Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said:
“It is now time for the Democratic Party to unite behind one candidate. Through a unified Party we will defeat John McCain in November. I look forward to working with Senator Obama to create positive change for the citizens of Nevada and the United States.”
New Jersey
Congressman Rush Holt said:
“Barack Obama has a remarkable life story, has run a stirring campaign, and has offered an inspiring vision and an impressive strategy to bring about much-needed change in our nation. His successes in the primaries suggest that we can rise above cynicism and bigotry in America, and I am honored to offer my endorsement and support. Like millions in New Jersey and across the country, I have great hopes for an Obama Administration that will restore people’s faith in their government and strengthen America’s reputation for constructive actions abroad. I look forward to working in Congress with a President who will end our combat involvement in Iraq, invest in education, and enhance the role of science in his Administration and in society at large.”
North Carolina
DNC Member Muriel Offerman said:
“Barack Obama has spoken to America in a way that has drawn so many new voters who are excited about the real change he will bring to Washington. Now that the primaries are over, it's time for Democrats to unite in taking on John McCain.”
DNC Member David Parker said:
“Senator Obama’s plans for strengthening America’s economy reflect his insight and empathy for all the people of this country. In this era of economic and environmental challenge, we are all simply Americans pulling together to strengthen our country– regardless of region, race, gender, wealth or any other qualification. Senator Obama’s leadership at the head of the Democratic ticket will help Democrats in North Carolina, including Kay Hagan, our Democratic candidate for US Senate. I look forward to his campaigning actively in North Carolina during the fall campaign.”
DNC Member Jay Parmley said:
“The race for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination has been historic. We have had two superbly qualified candidates, unprecedented numbers of newly registered voters and across the board near-record to record turnouts in primaries and caucuses. As an automatic delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, it was always my hope that Democratic voters across America whose votes determine the proportional make up of the pledged delegates to the DNC Convention would select the nominee of our Party. I believe they have done so, even if by the narrowest of margins.

“I will cast my vote at the DNC Convention for Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama has brought thousands of new people into the political process and his campaign and election will restore people’s confidence in their government.

“Our task as a party is great. Our country is in crisis. Voters have a clear choice in November. Will we end the war in Iraq, fix our ailing economy, and provide much needed quality healthcare to all our citizens? These questions can only be answered affirmatively by electing a Democratic President. The fight for the Democratic nomination has been intense and now comes to a close. Our goal as Democrats is victory in November and that can only be accomplished if we come together in support of Senator Obama.”
Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury said:
“Senator Obama has the vision and commitment to bring people together. This country needs a lot of repair and Barack Obama will be well-suited to accomplish that.”
Oregon Democratic Party Vice Chairman Frank Dixon said:
“I am announcing my decision as one of Oregon’s twelve automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention to support U.S. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois for President of the United States.

“I have waited until the end of this race to announce my decision out of respect for Senator Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff and passionate supporters who have made this closely contested primary an historic contest. No primary has drawn this kind of interest and participation from so many voters in so many states.

“In my view both candidates are capable of winning the election and becoming a great President. I can find no compelling reason not to represent the voters of Oregon who overwhelmingly chose Senator Obama. I do find many reasons to help bring this primary contest to a conclusion so that the Democratic Party may now focus on unity and the hard work necessary to elect our federal and state candidates.”
DNC Member Ian Murray switched from Clinton, and said:
“I am now, after much thought and consideration, supporting Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States and will be voting for him at the convention in Denver. I have been a strong supporter of Hillary and Bill Clinton since 1991, having chaired and run Bill Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 campaigns in Erie County. I have continued until this time to endorse with all my heart the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. She has been a true champion of the Democratic ideals that are so important to voters of Northwestern Pennsylvania. It is clear to me though that Barack Obama has the required votes for nomination at the convention in Denver. Barack Obama’s message of change and his positions on health care, the Iraq war, the environment, the economy, and other issues vital to the Democratic Party have resonated with record numbers of voters including young voters, independents, and like-minded Republicans. I have been involved in running campaigns in Northwestern Pennsylvania since 1972, this epic contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has fortified in me the vitality of the Democratic Party and its hopes and vision for our future. I pledge all my support, my heart, and my passion for Barack Obama and will be working night and day in the coming days and weeks to bring the Obama and Clinton camps together and unify in Northwestern Pennsylvania as we begin our quest for that which all our futures and health depend, the election of Barack Obama.”
Executive Director of the Virginia AFL-CIO Jim Leaman said:
“After a historical battle through every primary and caucus Senator Obama leads in elected pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. As a previous uncommitted delegate to the Democratic National Convention, I would like to pledge my support to Senator Barack Obama to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. I believe that Senator Obama is the right person, in the right place and at the right time to change politics in Washington from strict partisan warfare to one of jointly solving America’s problems. For me, Senator Barack Obama represents a new generation of leadership that will have to solve our problems in health care, social security, education, the environment, jobs, national security and the economy in the upcoming decade. The time has come to unite as democrats and turn our focus and attention to winning back the White House in November.”
WA Ron Sims switches from Clinton to Obama.
King County Executive Ron Sims says he thinks Obama is the kind of candidate who can change the politics of the U.S.
MD Heather Mizeur for Obama:
"It's time for everyone to rally around our nominee. I intend to pledge my support for Barack Obama. I am going to extremely enthusiastically support him."
MN Rick Stafford switches from Clinton to Obama.

MO Jay Nixon for Obama.
MO Robin Carnahan for Obama
MO John Temporiti for Obama. Obama at 2156
Montana U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Testor, along with Governor Brian Schweitzer, Montana Democratic Party Chairman Dennis MacDonald for Obama. Obama at 2161.


Unknown said...

The CA unpledged delegation, which had been weighted heavily in Clinton's favor this morning, is now firmly in Obama's camp.

jeff said...

perhaps her last stand defiant speech pushed them over the edge.

Unknown said...

That's Rush Holt, not Rush Hold. See here:

Archer said...

according to mnpublius, MN super-delegate Rick Stafford is switching from Clinton to Obama


Independent Voter said...

LOL! congrats on keeping up with the supers today you guys! Fantastic job!

Travis said...

Has Tim Johnson been moved from Obama to Clinton?

Unknown said...

Jon Tester just endorsed Obama on MSnbc while talking to Chris Mathews..does that count as credible?

Claudia in Canada

Sean said...

Another Obama super from Oklahoma, state party chair Ivan Holmes. Way to be relevant, announcing after it's all over. Then again, it's really been over for weeks, so what's the difference...

Dan Werner said...

I could be wrong, but I think the sidebar should have 392.5 for Obama supers...

Dan Werner said...

Still looks like the sidebar is one off (should be 396.5)...anyone else have the same?

Matt said...

Dan - We had some editing problems. Check the list of people you've added in the last 90 minutes, and see if anyone is not currently in the post.

Kennyb said...

sean, I found a link with a report of Ivan Holmes several hours ago and posted it on an earlier post's comments. Maybe not public enough, or strong enough or maybe lost in the shuffle.

Dan Werner said...

I checked, and I still have +1 for Obama and -1 for Clinton. Did you guys move Johnson from Clinton to Obama and not put it on the list?

Dan Werner said...

(sorry--I meant, did you move Johnson from Obama to Clinton...)

Matt said...

we haven't moved Johnson as we haven't seen a quote from him after the primary. Let me check our switches.

Matt said...

found it. Obama at 396.5 updating soon.

Unknown said...

And just to point out, it is now impossible for Clinton to reach 2117, even if 100% of the remaining superdelegates endorse her.

Game Over x 1000.

Ted P said...

... and that won't happen as Obama netted 100%+ of the scores of supers who endorsed yesterday (Obama gained 65.5 votes from supers on the day while Clinton's haul for the day from that source was minus 7.5 for a net gain for Obama for the day of a staggering 73 supers).

p smith said...

The Edwards delegate page needs to be updated to take into account the Obama campaign's announcement of their mass endorsement.

Also a few duplicates in your compact list.

You have Sarbanes and Sarbarnes (MD). I assume they are one and the same person.

Joe Perez (CA) is listed twice

Muriel Offerman (NC) is listed twice

p smith said...

Well, what a night. Sadly, being in the UK, I had to turn in before polls closed in MT and SD and before Obama was announced the winner.

I woke up to hear Clinton's disgraceful speech on the radio this morning. Her self denial is shocking but it is absolutely critical that Obama and his supporters (including everyone here) plays this correctly.

If she is not going to concede because she still sees a miniscule opportunity that some superdelegates might change their minds, then the only way to make her mind up for her is for the remaining superdelegates to endorse Obama NOW.

No more excuses. All the votes are in and it is time for Harkin, Salazar, Cardin, Biden, Gore, Pelosi and others to endorse Obama. Hillary will then have no choice but to concede and endorse Obama today. If this thing goes on for another 24 hours, the media will (with some justification) play the line that the party is still divided. The story line needs to be about Obama, his historic achievement and a gracious concession from Hillary. This is really important.

At the same time, it is vital that no-one connected to Obama says anything to attack, demean or undermine Clinton. They just need to make strong calls to superdelegates and get them to move now.

If she continues to hold out then they need to call those of her superdelegates who are worried about party divisions (e.g Feinstein) and tell them to put the screws on her.

The next 48 hours is really important. If they get it right, there is every chance of wiping the floor with McCain and instilling panic in the GOP ranks when the polls start to show Obama leading in states like Ohio, Missouri and Virginia.

Matt said...

P Smith. All the duplicates have been removed. (Numbers were fine). We'll get to the Edwards page at some point. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I just tried the Uncommitted page and it still gives names that have endorsed...boy, you guys are doing such a lot of work...but it's worth it for people like me...where else would I find a site that has such good credibility?

Thanks for all your hard work, to both you and Oreo
Claudia in Canada

hussein786 said...

Hey Matt/Oreo,
i was wondering if we could still record the superdelegates as they come in.

If you guys are still going to be doing that, Chris Van Hollen endorsed Obama this morning as per Ben Smith at politico.

At the end of the official primary season, I would like to congratulate you guys on an incredible job. Hope you guys have a wonderful time in Denver, you deserve it.


Oreo said...

We will continue to cleanup after yesterday's tidal wave.

We will continue to announce new superdelegate endorsements but probably won't do front-page posts like this unless it's for somebody big.

Unknown said...

MSNBC made announced a BIG endorsement...Bush congratulates Obama...is he a Super?

Okay...I will behave and have another coffee.

You guy are SUPERS too...I was amazed yesterday at the way you were able to keep up the pace...and still at it this morning!!

Claudia in Canada

ahoff48 said...

6/4/08 Modale switches to Obama

I think it would be great if virtually all the superdelegates switch over - her failure to concede or even acknowledge that he is the nominee was at a minimun ungracious. She isn't doing it for the 18 million . She is doing this for her, and I think at this point she is getting too much respect from the party. It is time for her to show respect to the winner, and if she doesn't, the party should do it for her.

p smith said...

A quick question Oreo. At some point yesterday you had a list of superdelegates who indicated that they would endorse once the votes were in. Have all those individuals now endorsed?

I may be misremembering but I though that Herb Kohl and Ken Salazar were on that list. The Obama camp should be pressing these guys for confirmation in light of Hillary's non concession.

hussein786 said...

I would suggest if you could post the front page posts, as it allows for greater ease and getting to know who has endorsed.

I know its your site and your call, but i just believe people would appreciate if you would continue doing so, at least for the next couple of days, as there should I suspect be a large number of super delegates declaring by Friday as per the DPL memo issued this morning.

p smith said...

Sen Frank Lautenberg (NJ) has endorsed Obama


I'm not sure what your front page is but provided the "Latest Endorsements" page is updated that would be great. Given Hillary's refusal to concede I do think that superdelegate endorsements are still very important news until she does throw in the towel.

p smith said...

Sen Frank Lautenberg (NJ) has endorsed Obama


I'm not sure what your front page is but provided the "Latest Endorsements" page is updated that would be great. Given Hillary's refusal to concede I do think that superdelegate endorsements are still very important news until she does throw in the towel.

p smith said...

And here is a link for the Van Hollen (MD) endorsement, a former member of the Pelosi club


hussein786 said...

Hey guys,
I was also wondering if the uncommitted list had been updated. It seems to me there are names on the endorsement and uncommitted list.

ahoff48 said...

3 Tennessee superdelegates, including Governor Bredesen