Monday, June 02, 2008

Think You Can Tell Em Apart?

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

I saw a great McSame McCain-Bush ad this morning and wanted to make sure everybody got a chance to see it.

Consider it a palate cleanser as we wait for the next endorsement.


Fidelus21 said...

HAHA!!! I loved this. Thanks for the laugh Oreo.

Dave said...

Rep Clyburn is official for Obama.
COLUMBIA, S.C. — House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is endorsing Barack Obama for president.

The South Carolina congressman told The Associated Press on Monday that he has started to phone the state's superdelegates to ask them to get behind one candidate. When asked whether that candidate was Obama, Clyburn said yes.

Clyburn says he'll make a formal endorsement announcement Tuesday.

The backing of the highest-ranking black member of Congress comes more than four months after Obama won the Democratic primary in South Carolina.

quadmom said...

Great ad.
Thanks for the giggle.
I needed it today.

Mo B said...

Yes, thank you Oreo!

I actually REMEMBER The patty Duke Show! (Yikes!!! -- Now you all know I'm UP there...)

Seriously, I am so excited. I see the superdelegates trickling in for Obama...Ten, twenty...

...It's now Tuesday June 3, and by now Obama only needs a few more superdelegates,then...

then....Obama needs 10 or so delegates till he hits that MAGIC NUMBER...

...WAY TO GO, my neighbors in Montana and South Dakota PUT OBAMA OVER THE TOP!!!

Now it's on to our date with McCain!!!

kennick said...

Yeah, I saw that ad last night(on MSNBC,I think),And Mo B, I remember the Patty Duke show as well. It was a HOOT, I loved it!(the ad, not so much the show).
Let's go SD's, git 'er done !!!