Friday, July 18, 2008

DeGette Buys Her House-Mates Colorado Shirts for the Convention

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Congresswoman Diana DeGette has purchased more than 300 button down shirts with the DNC logo for the convention. If you're lucky enough to be in Denver during the Convention and you see one of these, chances are a member of the House of Representatives will be wearing it.

"This is another way to show off Denver and the Rocky Mountain West to her colleagues who are coming in (for the DNC)," said Kristofer Eisenla, DeGette's press secretary. "She was very happy to support a local business, and she wanted to give her colleagues a memento to remember the convention that was held in her Congressional district."

The long-sleeve Weil-designed shirt features a red body and sleeves with white zig-zag mountain tops on the chest and upper arm. The top part of the chest and shoulders are blue, with a golden sun rising over the mountains. - RMN

Seeing as there are 236 Democratic House members she may have bought enough for the Colorado delegation too. Colorado has a total of 70 delegates going to the convention... 4 of those are House members.

And if you're really brave you can buy one of these (without the DNC logo) for yourself!