Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It Looks like the Target Center is Getting a Convention After All

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I know we normally only focus on the Democratic National Convention here at DemConWatch but this is just too good to pass up.

Back in August of 2006 Matt wrote about the possibility of holding one party's convention in Minneapolis' Target Center and the other in St.Paul's Xcel Energy Center.

Now snubbed former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and his supporters have decided to hold a party of their own across the river from the Republicans in beautiful downtown Minneapolis.

Not content with a planned rally at the University of Minnesota's Williams Arena on Sept. 2, the Paul forces now plan a three-day "Rally for the Republic" that will climax in a 10-hour extravaganza at the Target Center arena.

"It's getting exciting," said Marianne Stebbins, a longtime GOP activist who ran the Texas congressman's campaign in Minnesota. "We realized [Williams Arena] wasn't big enough for everything we wanted to do." - Strib

Yet another bad day for John McCain.