Monday, July 21, 2008

Help Democrats Work on Delegate Service Day

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Democrats Work is taking a lead role in making service an integral part of the Convention in Denver, by helping to coordinate a Delegate Service Day at service sites throughout the Denver metro area on Wednesday, August 27th. Projects will range from canned food sorting to neighborhood cleanups and tree plantings. These events will allow delegates to both contribute to and celebrate the people and organizations making positive change and strengthening communities in the city hosting this historic Convention. Good times!
Democrats Work just sent an email asking for volunteers to help them on Delegate Service Day.
We need your help to make it happen. We are seeking volunteers to act as Event Hosts and Transportation Hosts for Delegate Service Day on Wednesday, August 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Volunteers will act as ambassadors of Colorado and of Democrats Work!
Event Hosts will be stationed at DW-sponsored events and will help make sure the event is a success (and that delegates get exposed to Democrats Work!). Event Hosts will be required to attend a brief training at the Democrats Work offices, 960 Cherokee Street, in Denver, on Tuesday, August 12th at 6:00 p.m. (A second training may be scheduled.)

Transportation Hosts will be asked to meet delegates at their hotels and escort them by light rail, on foot, or on busses to their designated service projects and to help manage the delegates once they arrive
at their project site. Transportation Hosts will be required to attend one of two brief trainings at Volunteers of America, 2660 Larimer Street, in Denver, either on Thursday, August 14th at 6:00 p.m. or on Saturday August 16th at 9:00 a.m.
And if you're lucky you may even meet Michelle Obama and Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter.
Building on its commitment to make service and active participation in the community a hallmark of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today that Michelle Obama and Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter will co-chair the Democratic National Convention's Delegate Service Day, Wednesday, August 27. Through this effort, the DNCC will aim to inspire hundreds of thousands of Americans in a renewed commitment to service.

On August 27, the third day of Convention week, delegates from across the country will volunteer at dozens of community service projects in and around Denver, ranging from reading to children to park cleanup and tree care, to supporting projects that aid military families, an area of special focus for Michelle Obama. Delegate Service Day is the capstone to a year-long DNCC community service program, in which leadership and staff have contributed more than 650 hours to a variety of local projects.

"Barack and I have committed much of our lives to serving our communities, and throughout this campaign we've witnesses first hand the incredible change the American people can bring to the country when we work together for the common good. It's only fitting that we continue our focus on service at our Party's Convention in Denver," said Michelle Obama. "Not only will Delegate Service Day help give back to the city and the state hosting tens of thousands of Democrats, but it will send our delegates home with a renewed commitment to serving their communities and coming together as a nation to solve our great challenges. As Barack has often said, when ordinary people get together, we can do extraordinary things, and that's what will happen in Denver."