Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SkyNet coming to Denver for the Convention

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Hide the women and children. Only John Connor can save us now.

Denver will get its first glimpse of a revolution in outdoor video display technology on Aug. 11, when ADTI Media Inc. unveils SkyNet, a giant, LED-illuminated flexible video screen that will broadcast a mix of convention activity, advertising, news, and messaging on the side of the Colorado Convention Center. ADTI Media Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advance Display Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ADTI).

SkyNet also offers a preview of what Denvers Theater District could look like in months and years to come, as the city uses cutting-edge display technology to implement dazzling new signage as part of a plan to reinvigorate several blocks around the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Part of the citys plan is to use modern technology to restore past glory to the district, especially to several blocks of Curtis Street whose previous life included blazing marquees, bustling foot traffic and the nickname the Great White Way.

The technology employed by SkyNet exemplifies the type of great messaging, fun artwork and cool design and high-tech solutions rarely seen elsewhere, said Erik Dyce, chief marketing officer for Denvers Theatres and Arenas Division. While SkyNet will only be up for a short while, it will allow Denverites and visitors to get a sneak peek of the future of Denver.

The launch of SkyNet offers advertisers a unique chance to grab the attention of more than 100,000 convention goers, including about 50,000 visitors and media members in town for the Democratic National Convention.

When SkyNet debuts in Denver this summer, it will give the public a sense of what very large scale videoscapes can bring to urban communities. This revolutionary new product is the next generation of quality outdoor video displays, said ADTI President and CEO Matthew W. Shankle. - Businesswire

Seriously... they couldn't come up with a different name?