Monday, July 21, 2008

GOP denies Iowa Senator Grassley delegate vote

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During the primary season, we all learned that all Democratic members of Congress were automatically delegates to the Democratic National Convention. I think they were called superdelegates, or something like that?

Turns out the Republicans don't give their members of Congress the same privileges, and even the Senators have to fight for delegate slots. And one didn't make it:

Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa is among senators who had one of those celebrated blow-ups with Senator John McCain. But that is not the reason Mr. Grassley, the senior Republican from the state, will not be voting to nominate his colleague for the presidency at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

It will be because Mr. Grassley does not have a vote.

As disclosed over the weekend by columnist Bob Novak, Mr. Grassley was passed over to be a member of the state’s delegation to the convention by leaders of the state party, which is experiencing a rise in the influence of social conservatives. - NY Times
If you're Grassley, given how your state party treated you, do you even bother going to St. Paul?