Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama gives pep talk to convention staff

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The convention staff is probably very stressed putting last-minute plans together for the speech at Invesco. This was a good idea:

A surprise meeting of the Democratic National Convention Committee staffers was called Wednesday afternoon. Once the mighty 200 were gathered, committee chief executive Leah Daughtry told them the Wednesday night of the convention was moving to Coors Field.


The real reason for the meeting: Barack Obama was on the phone. Thunderous applause.

Through a speaker, he said it was a good thing that a reverend was in charge (Daughtry is a New York preacher) to keep it from raining Thursday night at his acceptance speech, which has been moved from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field at Mile High.

Then he thanked everyone for all their hard work over the past year — noting that the move to Invesco was only possible because of their good efforts. He said that "we're one team, one family — with two Colorado locations." And he told them to stay "fired up and ready to go." - PoliticsWest