Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama campaign raised $52 million in June

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This will be THE news of the day.

In an email to supporters this morning, Obama mgr David Plouffe announced that the campaign raised a total of $52M in the month of June with an average donation of just $68. Combined, the Obama camp and the DNC have a total of nearly $72M CoH. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported Obama's campaign brought in around $30M in June, calling the number “underwhelming.”
McCain raised more than $22M in Jun. -- his best fundraising performance of the campaign -- and ended the month with nearly $27M CoH. McCain mgr. Rick Davis said 7/10 that McCain and the RNC together entered July with about $95M CoH. - Hotline On Call
Obama hinted at this last week:
When asked about the health of his fund-raising a few days ago, Mr. Obama played down any concern, telling reporters: “I think you guys should wait until we release our numbers to make a decision as to how underwhelming they are.” - NY Times
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