Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Onto the Radar: Idaho-01

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I wrote about the Walt Minnick (D) - Bill Sali(R) race before. And it didn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar but mine. Until now. “Conventional Wisdom” said “SAFE REPUBLICAN SEAT”. But now, Cook has it as contested. (subscription required.)

Walt Minnick raised almost $650,000 dollars in the second quarter (April – May/ May – June ). We’d look at Sali’s money, but they missed the filing deadline.

As per the email I received from the Minnick campaign

“Minnick received more than 1,000 contributions in the three-month period, and 74 percent of those contributions came from people who live in Idaho. He has raised about $1 million since he first joined the race in November. His campaign has $444,133.57 cash-on-hand, according to the report filed with the FEC.”
In addition, the Wall Street Journal ran an article on the race.

Just goes to show that NOTHING is sacred for the elephant this year.