Monday, July 28, 2008

Union workers at non-union Pepsi Center

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One of the concerns about holding the convention in Denver was that the Pepsi Center was a non-union facility. But the DNC seems to made a significant effort to use union labor at the convention. Here's a list of some of the unions involved:

  • IATSE Local 7: The Denver Theatrical Stage Employees Union will handle decorating, display and rigging work, and other tasks it typically performs under contract with the Colorado Convention Center.
  • Teamsters Local 17: A Teamsters affiliate will transport some of the heavier freight (requiring forklifts, for instance) to and from the loading docks.
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: Members will be handling some of the wiring and other work.
  • Construction Building and Construction Trades Council: Carpenters under this umbrella group will provide labor for contractors and subcontractors involved with transforming the Pepsi Center.
  • UniteHere: This union already had a presence, with about 200 members who work at the Aramark concessions throughout the complex. - Rocky Mountain News