Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Political Fashion Wear

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As someone who got his start in College Democrats, I'm all for getting young people involved in the political process. But will a "Superdelegate" branded tee have the same impact on the high school crowd as "Hollister?" Hmm...jury still out. Me thinks that if we see any kids wearing these shirts, it'll be the set who are too young to read what they are wearing or who are unable to change clothes when Mom isn't looking.

Either way, they are still more appealing than the Wonder Woman shirts.

And if you want to see some really nifty convention products, be sure to visit the DCW store.

The first Northern California Peek store recently opened in a sensible spot to sell luxury children's wear - the Corte Madera Village mall, where $600 strollers abound. There are four other Peek boutiques in Southern California and Arizona.

Inside the store, there are '60s-inspired sundresses, Liberty print skirts, surfer-dude board shorts, rugby shirts, cotton twill khakis and button-downs, Western shirts, jeans, batik and camouflage prints, retro Minnetonka moccasins, peace sign T-shirts and T-shirts emblazoned with political messages, such as "Brown vs. Board of Education" and "Superdelegate."

For fall, says Amy Williams, there will be "Electoral College" T-shirts and presidential "football jerseys" with the name of a president and his "number" - i.e., Washington 1, Lincoln 16.

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