Thursday, July 31, 2008

John Chancellor, Dan Rather and Oreo

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What do John Chancellor, Dan Rather and our own Oreo have in common? Take a look:

In 1964, NBC reporter John Chancellor was ejected from the floor of the 1964 Republican Convention:

Senator Barry Goldwater's conservative supporters were increasingly unfriendly to television reporters, and during a demonstration by delegates, guards ejected Mr. Chancellor for blocking the aisles.

"I've been promised bail, ladies and gentlemen, by my office," he said on the air. His sign-off was, "This is John Chancellor, somewhere in custody." - NY Times.
In 1968, Dan Rather was essentially assaulted on the floor of the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Some classic lines:
Rather: "Unless you intend to arrest me, don't push me"
Walter Cronkite: "I think we got a bunch of thugs here, Dan"

And today, our own Oreo, attending a media briefing at Invesco Field, was rudely escorted by an security guard out of the building. Well, actually, he wasn't rudely escorted anywhere. He had wandered to an entrance he wasn't supposed to be at, was scolded for being in the wrong place, and directed to the proper entrance.

But hey, that's good enough for us. Chancellor, Rather, and Oreo. Just some intrepid reporters trying to do a thankless job in the face of overbearing security. Or something like that...