Friday, July 25, 2008

Invesco ticket holders have to prove they can get there

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Great article today from the Rocky Mountain News that gives us some more info on tickets.

People who get tickets to see Barack Obama at Invesco Field will be required to show they can get there and plan to attend the event themselves, officials said Thursday.

Jenny Backus, Obama's senior adviser to the convention, said with thousands of people wanting to go, the Obama campaign wants to make sure all tickets get used by the people who requested them.

"When we distribute the tickets, one of the only prerequisites for tickets is — since they're free — is that you have to tell us how you're going to get there," she said. "You need to give us a plan on how you're going to get there and you'll have to check back in with us a couple of times along the way."

If people can't show they will be at Invesco to hear Obama accept the Democratic presidential nomination, their tickets will be cycled back into the pool and redistributed to someone else.

Backus said "when they are coming through the state party offices, we want to make sure people are going to use the tickets, and we have different ways we can check that." But she said it won't be specific — like asking people to provide airline tickets.

She also said the stadium will be mostly filled with locals.

"Rest assured, a great majority of the people in that stadium will be from Colorado and Denver and the surrounding region — bordering states in the mountain region," she said.

The DNCC will be announcing the ticket distribution early next week.