Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Retro Veepstakes!

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I know that most of us are in awe of Discovery channel's SHARK WEEK! right now (and really, who isn't?) but there are two other bits which also caught my attention this week.

The first is the gushing over recent Vice Presidential prospects floated in the media, which while they are all great public servants - I'm just not fired-up or ready-to-go for any of them. The other thing I caught was an old UCLA recap on ESPN Classic.

Which got me thinking...Classic Veepstakes!

Politico offers a decent Op-Ed on the ups-and-downs of selecting a runningmate during the presidential campaign, and the only three tasks a veep candidate has: a good announcement, a good convention speech and a good debate. I sure miss the days when Vice Presidential nominees were made to have a little fun (or be made fun of, as in Dan Quayle's case - God bless 'em).

So here's a gem from the 1988 campaign. RIP, Lloyd Bentsen.

And here's one of my favorites from Al Gore's glory days in 1992:

I would have added a wonderful clip of John Edwards from 2004, but alas - he was never given the chance to offer up such good deeds in that campaign.