Thursday, July 17, 2008

VP Timing

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The late summer and back-to-back conventions are having various ramifications, from football conflicts to a quick media turnaround. But the biggest impact may be on the timing of the Vice Presidential announcements.

Each candidate would like to announce last, but McCain can wait out Obama, since the GOP convention is second, so the Obama folks have to decide what to do first. The main decision for them is: Do we announce before, during, or after the Olympics, which run from Aug 8 to Aug 24, the day before the convention starts. After the Olympics doesn't work - that means announcing during the convention itself, which limits any bounce he might get from the announcement. So they have to decide to go before the Olympics (after he comes back from his trip), or during the Olympics - which may make the most sense. The Olympics aren't the "event" they used to be, and Obama might have the political news space all to himself.

McCain has a different choice. Before the Democratic Convention, or right afterwards. The Friday after the convention seems to be the obvious choice - what better way to step on any Democratic bounce, and create some momentum going into your own convention.

Only one problem. McCain turns 72 on that Friday. Think that might get a little press also?

The NY Times has more on the VP timing choices.