Sunday, September 28, 2008

And we have a deal. Probably

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The news sources are reporting that there is a budget deal. Then again, the devil is always in the details. It's a verbal deal, and we'll see later today whether pen can be put to paper.

As you all know, since yesterday was Saturday, I was out doing voter registration. Yesterday, I had people at a table, people walking the shopping center, plus a comrade and I worked a large rental complex, and went back and forth to help at the table. And yesterday was different, not only because we are approximately one week out from the close of registration for Pennsylvania this cycle, but because people wanted to talk about the debates, and the bailout.

Now, I'm used to people coming up and asking election questions and political questions. And I would have expected people to be talking about the debate -- but the bailout? People had questions that related to why neither Obama nor McCain could actually explain it during the debate, they were interested if I knew where they stood on it.

We'll see how that goes today, now that there's ostensibly a deal.

My questions for you: