Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain saves us from "black guy rip offs!"

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A new GOP ad entitled "mum" touts the ability of McCain and his congressional allies to steer our country out of the mess we are currently in. Once you've cleaned up the soda you just spit out after reading that, read some more - because there's something else that raises an eyebrow or two.

At :08 seconds in, the following ad places text that says "stop CEO rip-offs" and uses a picture of Franklin Raines, who is - of all of the institutions which have gone under recently - likely the only black person at the helm of any of these organizations. Showcasing one black CEO out of hundreds of organizations headed by crusty old white men is something usually reserved for GOP affirmative action success seminars. But in this case, not so much. Oh sure, he was the head of Fannie Mae - but the ad never offers that qualifier.

So all of the negative connotations in the video are either of Obama, or some other black guy with a porn star moustache.

Hmm...I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding. Or is it? You be the judge...