Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Two days ago, I posted that Vito Fossella was considering running to keep his House seat. It always surprises me when adulterous drunks due to serve time (albeit brief) can't seem to stay out of the House and Senate. Colour me naive.

So here we go: Vito might actually get a shot at being on the NY ballot to run to keep his seat as Congressman from the NY-13th. According to
Swing State Project, Vito has a shot at the Conservative Party Line. The current candidate, Paul Atanasio, is instead going to try for a spot on the Brooklyn State Supreme Court bench.


A leader of the New York Conservative Party is ruling out the possibility of subbing in scandal-plagued retiring Rep. Vito Fossella (R) as their new nominee for Congress. "No, absolutely not," said Brooklyn party chairman Jerry Kassar, in an interview with Election Central. "He is not under consideration, nor has he requested consideration." - TPM Election Central