Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday with the Senators – Economic Bailout Edition

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I am truly stunned by the changes in many of the Senate polls. The sole thing I can figure is that $700 billion is such a mind boggling number that many of the smaller numbers are off, too.

Let’s start in Alaska: Ted Stevens goes to court, and Mark Begich’s numbers fall from a lead of more than 10 points to MOE. I am stunned. Alaskans WANT a felon as their senator? Perhaps this will change if Stevens is convicted, but I’m trying to get my mind around the idea that Alaskans would vote him in if he was convicted just BECAUSE he was convicted. Then again, based on the opening statement, it looks like Stevens will attempt to blame everything on his wife.

Then again, Sarah likes him:

Across the country (and geographically closer to Moscow), the polls are tightening in New Hampshire. There was a one-day Rasmussen outlier showing Sununu was winning, but everything else still shows Jeanne Shaheen ahead. And while a win is a win, it’s disconcerting. Full polls here.

In Colorado, Mark Udall’s lead fell to 2 in the last Rasmussen poll, but RCP still has the average up at Udall +6.

The only new change I’m really thrilled about is Jeff Merkley in Oregon.

Then again, I'm also glad that it is not just me who noticed that Liddy Dole lives at the Watergate. She's actually physically been in North Carolina for 97 days this year. This compared to, um, 13 days in 2006. Unlike her challenger Kay Hagan, who actually lives there. And it shows, since Hagan is holding her lead.