Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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It is Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Years. Last night, in addition to synagogue services there was dinner conversation, and parking lot conversation. Let's just say that I spoke with some people who do not exactly share my personal political leanings.

I read all the comments everyone makes. You write it, I read it. And I know a lot of you think it was an okay thing that the bailout failed. I also know, because I review the DCW poll responses, that a lot of you didn't want to call your House Reps and Senators ahead of the vote.

So here's my intersection: if you read DCW, you're interested in polling numbers. And it was polling numbers, and consitutent calls (which are, a self-poll in a certain way), that made a lot of the people who voted against the bailout do so. What voters THOUGHT and SAID caused the vote to fail. What YOU said (or didn't say) to your Rep affected the outcome of the vote. Polls matter, calls/e-mails to reps matter.

Regular people did not understand what was involved. The government did a crappy job of explaining the ramifications of the failure of Wall Street (ostensibly because they didn't want to scare people), and the Reps, all of whom up for reelection in 35 days, responded to their constituencies. They do not want to lose their jobs.

If you have a Democratic rep, you have an opportunity to call them now, and say: rewrite the bill, leave in the provisions that are there, and ADD consumer/taxpayer/homeowner protections. Make the bill MORE left wing, and then if the caucus is whipped properly, no Republican votes are necessary. If you have Republican Rep, you have an opportunity to call and say "I was wrong - I want whatever bailout the Democrats put forward." This will work with everyone who is not a far right wingnut.

If you have a wingnut Rep, call and say "You preach open markets, and true capitalism; the markets are screaming for help." The young wingnuts don't remember BEING a Rockefeller Republican, but that IS what that party used to be.

Yesterday, the value of investments went down by $1.3 TRILLION dollars. That's your retirement, your kid's college fund, your savings, your investments. That is access to mortgages, car loans, student loans, and the ability of business to procure raw materials, goods, services, and eventually, to fund your paycheck. Banks were nationalized in Europe, one banker has already thrown himself in front of a train. And if you think this can't get worse, you're wrong.

Point is -- CALL or WRITE and tell them to pass a revised bailout. Most all the House is home for Rosh Hashanah, and will be back in DC on Thursday. Phone lines are open, operators are waiting for your call. Reps know that if you call, you vote, and they want you in 35 days.

I'll be back tonight to read and answer your comments -- if you want to be angry at my position, so be it, it won't be the first time. But PLEASE, be a citizen, get involved. Help save our country - the business of government is more than just voting on election day.