Saturday, September 27, 2008

Them and Us

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Ben Smith put up an interesting tidbit about an hour after the debate. He said:

The mild consensus in the press file was that McCain won, if not in particularly dramatic fashion. The two insta-polls out -- from CBS and CNN -- found the opposite: That Obama won by a wide margin. CBS had it 39% to 25% for Obama, CNN 51% to 38%.
As an aside, if you want to read a round-up of the instapolls, you can see them here.

Once again, it's very interesting how "they", the professionals, differ from "us" the regular folks. Today, we'll likely see "them" pounce on McCain's gaffes about Pakistan, and his lack of engagement with Obama. "They" will also bring up the things that Obama should have said.

But "us", especially those of us who are NOT junkies, don't know what a "failed country" means, and therefore missed the Pakistan gaffe. They can't pronounce Ahmadinejad, so John's struggle won't resonate with them. They don't know that McShame consistently votes against Veteran's benefits (in fact didn't even show up this year for the vote on upping Vet benefits after speaking out about how the bill was flawed because it would encourage people to leave the military early), so they won't notice that Senator Obama didn't make that point.

But there are two more debates left (we'll get to the Senator Biden/Sarah Palin one in other posts), so here's the question: If you could give one piece of advice to Senator Obama for the last two debates, what would it be?

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