Friday, September 26, 2008

How much will McCain's pandering hurt him tonight?

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As Jess just announced John McCain will attend tonight's debate in Mississippi.
The campaign is so confident that they're already running the following ad on several websites.

Get the popcorn ready because it sounds like McCain has been so busy pandering that he forgot to prepare for tonight. He was scheduled to focus on the debate yesterday but decided a little political attention whoring would be better.

Big questions for tonight:
- Will McCain have time to get a nap in before the debate?
- Will the Obama team's focus on ways to make McCain get visibly angry pay off?
- Will the debate focus on the economy instead of foreign policy as previously scheduled?
- Will McCain's ridiculous ploy backfire on him by bringing in even more viewers?
- What can the McCain campaign do next to try to delay the VP Debate next week?