Thursday, July 10, 2008

3 CBS stations won't be showing Obama speech

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Thinking about the Packers-Titans game being moved up an hour, as well as well as a senior vice president at CBS News calling the convention a "non-news event", we did a little research, hoping we would find a string of CBS affiliates who would be showing NFL pre-season football on August 28th instead of Obama's acceptance speech, and that we could make a big stink about it. But sometimes the facts get in the way of a good post, and the football broadcasts are spread around.

But we would note that in Kansas City, Miami and Pittsburgh, don't turn to your CBS affiliate to catch Obama - instead you'll see the last quarter of the final pre-season game - and there is no more dreadful sporting event than the last NFL game of the pre-season.

Update: The Baltimore-Atlanta game has been moved to 7:00 EST.

Here are the other network affiliates that won't be showing Obama's speech:

8:00 EST Kickoff: St. Louis - Fox, Minneapolis - ABC, Miami - CBS, New Orleans - CW, Tampa - NBC, Houston - ABC, Kansas City - CBS, Miami - CBS. The Cowboys are broadcast by an independent station.

7:30 EST Kickoff - Maybe you'll see the balloon drop - if there is a balloon drop: Atlanta - Ind, Baltimore - NBC, Carolina (Charlotte) - Fox, Chicago - Fox, Cleveland - NBC, Pittsburgh - CBS