Friday, July 04, 2008

5 days to get Invesco ready

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I'm sure one of the things convention planners are looking at as they decide whether to have Obama give his acceptance speech at Invesco Field instead of the Pepsi Center is that the Denver Broncos play their last home pre-season game on Friday, August 22. That gives them just 5 days, Saturday-Wednesday, to prepare the football stadium for the speech on Thursday. (Note that they are taking 7 weeks to get the Pepsi Center ready). You're talking about doing a rush job to prepare for his most important speech of the campaign.

And remember, this isn't a speech in Portland with 100 media personnel. There will be up to 15,000 media folks in Denver, and the primary thing they are coming for is the Thursday night speech. Making sure the media can successfully do their jobs is extremely important to making sure that Obama's words, messages and images are sent out as the Obama campaign wants them to be.

Update: Not to mention, 2 days to clean up.