Monday, July 07, 2008

DNCC Hosts Conference Call on "Open Convention"

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A conference call with Governor Howard Dean, Governor Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Campaign to talk about the "Open Convention" at Invesco Field is starting now.

Stay tuned for info from the call...

Call is starting with Gov. Howard Dean.
"Will allow 75,000 people to attend the 4th night of the convention".
"This convention is meant to be opened up to the American people"
Thanks DNCC and Host Committee

Convention Co-Chair Gov. Sebelius now up...
Rocky Mountain West is "changing colors as we speak"
Mentions 22k volunteers and the excitement in Colorado for the Convention

Anita Dunn from the Obama Campaign up now...
Thanks Gov. Dean and the convention staff.

Dean now asking for "Comments, questions and rude remarks..."
- First question is on NY Times article and reports of problems with the convention.
Dean denies that any problems have occurred. Acknowledges slow fund raising but says all conventions are the same regarding fund raising.

Senior level teams have been discussing Invesco for "about a week"
Logistics info will come later.

- Second question from Chuck Plunkett of the Denver Post:
How much more will Invesco cost and who will raise it?
Dean: Host Committee will raise the money but they'll get a lot of help.

- Will Republicans be allowed in?
Dean: I'm sure they'll be able to watch the videos.

There are Republicans and Independents that have become Democrats to be a part of this historic campaign

Follow up call will take place when logistics and costs are determined.
Dean said convention is not over budget.

- What will the Obama Campaign do to help?
Obama campaign will work with the host committee. Will help with fund raising. Working as a team.

- Dean has talked to Mayor Hickenlooper about security. Hick was very enthusiastic about the event.

And that's a wrap!