Friday, July 04, 2008

NBC: "All indications" that speech will be at Invesco

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This confirmation from the "logistics" side of NBC tell us that the "network discussions" we referred to yesterday have already taken place, and that this is looking like it's going to happen:

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign is considering having the Democratic presidential nominee make his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High instead of the Pepsi Center, according to two people in a position to know details of the idea.
News of the potential relocation of the key event was first mentioned on the DemConWatch blog at

The two people told The Associated Press on Thursday that the plan is under consideration, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

NBC officials involved with convention coverage preparations tell 9NEWS that all indications are that the event will be held at Invesco. Those officials stressed that the move was not official until the DNC makes its final decision which is not expected until at least Monday. - 9News 9News Video
But there are still big logistical hurdles:
The move, which would open the convention's marquee event to the masses, would no doubt be a logistical nightmare for police, secret service and the media, all of which have been gameplanning for a convention at the Pepsi Center.

"This would be an incredible event," said Norman Provizer, a News2 political analyst. "I think it just boils down to: how do you pull it off?" - News2 Denver
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