Thursday, July 03, 2008

Will Obama Accept the Nomination at Invesco Field?

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What better place to accept the nomination for the most powerful job in the world? Invesco Field at Mile High, the home of the Denver Broncos, can seat 75,000 people. It's just a short walk under I-25 from the Pepsi Center and would be a part of the rumored one-mile square radius security zone.

Back in March of 2006 Matt wrote the following:

However, a source has told me that Dean has been dropping hints that he would like some sort of "public event" to close the convention week, which could, logically, be the nominee acceptance speech. (It could also just be a big rally the next day). So we may see all the cities come up with proposals like this, and my comment earlier saying "don't blame Dean for this" may have been premature.
And in his previous post he wrote:
Denver's bid would put most of the convention action at the Pepsi Center, with the final night at Invesco Field.

I am very suprised by that last one. Having the convention in two separate places makes the logistics much harder. You have to build all the infrastructure twice: podium, floor seating, and media facilities. I can't imagine the media will be happy about having to pay for two sets of anchorbooths, wiring, etc. Security is also a nightmare. You have to setup the whole security infrastructure in two separate places. Not to mention the security checkpoint system gets used and worked out the first 2 days, before the big days of Wednesday and Thursday. If you have the final night in a completely new place, it seems to me you're asking for trouble.
We have so far gotten denials from the DNCC, The Mayor's Office, The Host Committee and the Obama Campaign. Of course they want this to be a big announcement that our humble blog wouldn't be able to approach.

The Invesco Field Special Events department is closed for the holiday weekend. If they were open I'm sure they would have told me that they're booked for August 28th.
INVESCO Field at Mile High is the home of Championship events! Whether your event is casual or formal, the 280,000 square feet of event space can accommodate multiple events at one time with groups of 20 to 75,000 guests.

When selecting INVESCO Field at Mile High you are choosing a venue that offers diverse event space with a sporty Colorado flair. The newly rennovated Budweiser Champions Club and United Club Lounge are a perfect blend of Rocky Mountain refinement and all-American athletics. The winning opportunities are endless and we look forward to discussing your needs and how we can exceed your expectations!
Considerations for holding the acceptance speech at Invesco Field:
- Added cost. Does the Obama Campaign pay for it?
- Additional security.
- What happens if it rains?
- How does the media handle setting up for two locations?
- The American Presidential Experience will be held in the parking lot during the week.
- The University of Colorado and Colorado State University play at Invesco on Sunday 8/31. It was originally scheduled for Saturday 8/30 but was moved in May due tot he convention.
- A Tailgate on the Field event was originally scheduled on Friday 8/29. The day after the acceptance speech. We are awaiting word from the Metro Denver Sports Commission on its status.
- Great way to take the wind out of McCain's rumored Friday VP Announcement

It may not look that close but this is a picture of Invesco Field taken from the Pepsi Center.

Aerial view from Google Maps

In case you're wondering... the last time a Democrat accepted the nomination in an outdoor stadium was in 1960 at the Los Angeles Coliseum by John F. Kennedy.

The GOP also considered having Bush give his acceptance speech in an alternate location in New York, but nothing ever came of it.

I think you can bet on this happening from what I'm gathering. While we may not get a confirmation until it's officially announced, we will keep digging and let you know as we find out more.

Update: One other possibility: Give the speech at Pepsi Center, then go over to Invesco for the rally to end all rallies.