Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deep in the heart of Texas!

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Doc Jess wrote about her adventure in Texas and the lack of signs of the presidential campaign. Click here for her blog entry.

I have been getting reports from my local Democratic friends that the Obama- Biden campaign has been mobilizing Texas volunteers to make calls into New Mexico and Nevada from local phone banks. Volunteers have also been asked to consider making a trip to New Mexico to canvass. Although we would love to have an active presidential campaign in our community, it makes complete sense to send volunteers to a state that can make a difference in the electoral college count.

Today, a Dallas Morning News headline reported "Obama sends Texas volunteers to battleground states". The article discusses that volunteers are being deployed to other states and less emphasis will be placed on GOTV in Texas. Click here for the full article.

The Obama campaign has done more in Dallas than any other presidential campaign that I can remember. As the article notes, the campaign has performed trainings throughout the state called "Camp Obama". Also, each of the state representative districts has been organized with activist coordinators and I hear from mine almost twice a day.

Now for the lack of yard signs that Doc Jess might be that they are not free. As a non battle ground state, we have to pay for them. And this might be the case in other places too. However, yard signs during the contested primary were free and and you could find them everywhere. I have no problem paying for a yard sign and I have done it before for a presidential campaign. Click here for the article in the Dallas Morning News "Obama, McCain charging for yard signs"

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