Sunday, September 07, 2008

GOP steals flags from Dem Convention

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First the GOP said the Democrats had thrown away unused American flags from the Democratic Convention:

The spat began at an airport rally for McCain and running mate Sarah Palin. Before the Republican presidential ticket took the stage, radio personality Dan Caplis said veterans were going to give the crowd thousands of small U.S. flags that were discarded and rescued from Obama's Democratic National Convention rally in Denver.

McCain supporters said a vendor supposedly found trash bags full of flags in and around garbage bins after the convention, recovered them and gave them to the McCain campaign.
Turns out the McCain campaign essentially stole the flags, and lied about the whole thing. From the DNCC:
“Stories circulating about flags at the Democratic National Convention are false. We distributed more than 125,000 American made flags at the Convention - the flags removed from Invesco field were intended for other events and taken without permission. It’s disappointing that someone would take American flags without authorization and then falsely describe how they were being used. - Denver Post