Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike closing in on Texas coast

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“As another storm threatens the Gulf Coast, I’m praying for the safety of all those in Hurricane Ike’s path, and urge everyone to heed the warnings of local authorities and seek safer ground immediately. Those who choose to stay are putting not only themselves at risk, but the emergency personnel working to ensure their safety. Now is the time to help those who want to leave but aren’t able to – and once the storm passes, we must work to provide swift relief wherever it is needed,” said Senator Barack Obama.

I've been to Houston many times and know it doesn't take much for it to flood.
Everybody stay safe.

Update from Matt: If you want to see how the local news is reporting this, this site is streaming 3 Houston affiliates. (I could only get it to work with IE, not Firefox).

At left is the water level in Galveston. The red line is the observed water level. The dip is due to low tide at 10:44 PM local time. High tide is at 3:19 AM. I would guess that at some point this measurement device will just fail.

Sat AM update: Ike jogged north at the last minute, and made landfall just north of Galveston, which luckily kept the maximum storm surge lower then expected: