Thursday, September 04, 2008

What are you doing during McCain's Speech?

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While Johnny McCondo formally accepts the Republican nomination this evening, the lingering question remains: what will you be doing? The tempting answer is to follow Matt's post and say "watching football," which at any other time I may be doing.

But the fact is that I've never been more motivated to work for a candidate than I am in 2008. Not just to work for Barack Obama and see him elected as President, but because I truly believe that eight more years of Republican rule could cause irreparable harm to our country. I've mentioned before that I think the composition of the Supreme Court and the impending retirement of three justices is of particular concern to me. But also the economy, healthcare and our relationships with other nations are all items that cannot continue down the same path.

Which brings me to tonight.

Volunteers will be walking door-to-door in their communities, during the McCain speech, to offer information about the Democratic platform and important issues pertaining to the fall campaign. Some state parties are holding watch parties in the form of "More of the Same" bingo. According to a press release issued by the Colorado Democratic Party:

Bingo cards will feature boxes with GOP rhetoric favorites like “whiners,” which is what McCain’s senior economic advisor called the American people struggling with the Bush-McCain economy, and perennial GOP classics like “private accounts,” which is the Bush-McCain code for privatizing Social Security.

Personally, I'd prefer it if the state Party did something a bit more productive such as take these volunteers and hit the phones or the doors rather than play a gimmicky card game. BUT...the fact that they are doing something that generates some earned media could be worthwhile.

The bottom line is - just because the Republicans will be speechifying again this evening, doesn't mean that the world stands still. Plenty of work to do and only a mere 61 days left to do it...