Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Media Walk-Through... Take 2

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We may never know if the Media Walk-Through originally scheduled in June was delayed because of the Invesco Field switch or a money issue. Today, a day after officially announcing that Barack Obama will make his acceptance speech at Invesco Field, the DNCC finally met with press at the Pepsi Center.

We're seeing reports of what happened around the Internets and will fill you in with some interesting things we've found out.

  • General Bloggers who received credentials will get arena hall credentials. This allows them to access a general press area and blogger lounge, a portion of the the upper seating area and the concourses.
  • A first-come-first-serve section of seats will be reserved within the Hall for bloggers.
  • The previously mentioned general press area is in the Denver Nuggets practice court.
  • The blogger lounge is in the Nuggets work-out room (we hear it doesn't smell too bad!)
  • The boards have been removed from the podium side of the arena and a large temporary podium is in place so sight-lines can be determined.
  • There will only be one podium unlike Boston which had two.
  • Podium construction will begin at the end of July
  • Information on Invesco Field is very scarce and it sounds like some of the media weren't too happy about the lack of information
  • All Nuggets and Avalanche banners have been removed.
  • Pepsi Center will go dark after the end of Wednesday night's events and will begin the conversion back to a sports arena.
  • Thursday night is being described as "A Really Cool Field Trip" for the media.
  • Blogs already credentialed will have access to Invesco with the possibility of getting additional credentials for people on the original credentials application.
  • No new blogs or media sources will get credentials for Invesco
So General Bloggers aren't guaranteed a seat inside the hall but they can lounge in a weight room! The Big Tent is looking better by the minute!